Telemedicine Continues to Transform Healthcare (Part 1 of 2): Pharmaceutical Retail’s Next Frontier

May 21, 2013

A frequent topic that comes up in HCE interviews with healthcare executives, especially in relation to technology investments, is telemedicine. According to the American Telemedicine Association (ATA), over half of U.S. hospital networks have instituted a telemedicine program of some kind, Doug Desjardins writes in the May 2013 issue of Medicine on the Net. By […]

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NPR blogger: CVS stores were favorites of meth-cooking “smurfers”

October 18, 2010

Maybe it’s just old age, but I remember when a smurf was just an obnoxious animated character without any redeeming value whatsoever. Apparently, those days are long gone. Those who run about buying OTC decongestants for use in cooking up methamphetamine are known as “smurfers.” And according to NPR blogger Scott Hensley, until recently they looooved […]

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