HEALTHCAREiX was founded to give healthcare executives and colleagues a place to meet and share cutting-edge industry practices and possibilities.  While many sites offer healthcare content, we are the only site dedicated exclusively to visionary, inspiring, actionable ideas. We offer tools, analysis and insight that help you do your challenging jobs.

While our editors prepare content, and work to spark ideas, we rely on the deep well of practical wisdom provided by the smart, tough, hard-working group of professionals that make healthcare organizations run. We invite any and all readers to submit their work for consideration — be it a 300-word observation or an extended discussion of a key issue. The idea is to help all of us think, struggle with ideas and grow professionally.

Along the way, we allow community members to rate content, pushing the most actionable and useful information to the top of your reading list.  We encourage you to rate what you see. We also urge you to pass along any content you consider helpful or intriguing.

For any other matter, please use the contact form below to write to the site’s editor, Pete Fernbaugh. We look forward to hearing from you.

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