Report predicts rise of standards-setters in health information networks market

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Health data going onlineIn coming years,  a handful of healthcare IT companies will rise which will set industry standards and provide integrated services including information management, analytics and revenue cycle management distributed through a network.

This, at least, is the conclusion of a  report on the future of healthcare IT by boutique financial and strategic advisory firm Marlin & Associates. The report compares these new “Healthcare IT superstores” to current financial IT service providers such as Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters.

According to the report, government requirements and standards mandated in the recent healthcare legislation have contributed to industry consolidation, but private companies, especially those that capture a large share of the market quickly, will be more instrumental in driving industry standards.

As to which companies will emerge as the market leaders, several companies such as UnitedHealth Group and even telecom giant Verizon are mentioned, but none seem to have gotten the jump on this niche yet. According to Afsaneh Naimollah, co-author of the report, “These companies all have pieces of the puzzle. The question is: Which firm will be first to assemble a truly comprehensive information and transactional healthcare platform? You need vision, money and the right leadership to get there, not a small task if you are creating a comprehensive healthcare platform.”

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