The Arora Group: Dr. Sudhir Arora, Founder & President

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Look at any news headlines and you’ll usually find top stories about US healthcare and the country’s military operations. But healthcare for the military is often an overlooked issue that one company, The Arora Group Inc. has dedicated itself to, with great success. Dr. Sudhir Arora, founder and president of the Maryland-based health care service company began the group after noticing a real demand for consistent quality care for military personnel and a dependable market that was willing to offer comparable compensation.

The Military Market

Today, The Arora Group is one of the nation’s premier professional health care service providers for the US government. The group focuses on military healthcare, but also services various other government clients nationwide. With 900 health care professionals serving over 50 medical treatment facilities spanning 30 states and six regional offices, Arora has grown to be a nationwide presence for governmental health care. In fact, Arora has enjoyed sustained growth in each of its 20 years in business.

So how has Arora managed to remain in a growth mode for over two decades? Arora credits his company’s success to the nature of government health care needs. “Military health care has special reasons for growth. All branches of the military lack the medical manpower within their ranks, so they need to outsource a significant portion of care. In the last six years, due to overseas deployment, health care needs have risen. Even after the warrior returns home there is still a great amount of care needed for traumatic brain injury and post traumatic stress disorder.” Arora says that although the demand has increased for medical professionals, the number of those professionals in uniform has decreased dramatically because of the stress of wartime.

Arora says that he noticed a real opportunity within the military while he was in private practice some 25 years ago. “We chose to work with the military because while I was a practicing physician, I began wondering about the effect of HMOs and Health Insurance companies at a time when the public was losing confidence in organized medicine. Within the military, there are no external pressures from insurance companies and the like. I entered the arena 20 years ago and have enjoyed it so much. At times we have had our hands so full that we’ve subcontracted part of our business to meet the demand for our services.”

Arora adds that the Military Health System is an entirely different animal from the Civilian insurance company providers typically deal with. “The DoD is not looking at the same priorities as Health insurance companies. They are coming from the perspective that the American soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines deserve the best.”

High Quality is a Necessity

But just because the needs exist, Arora still must offer the highest quality of care in order to capitalize from the opportunity. “Our level of dedication to American troops has made all the difference.  It is what has made us the DoD’s preferred staffing choice.”

To maintain quality, Arora focuses on a management philosophy that emphasizes proactive improvement. “Large tasks typically fall into place, so we must always focus on taking care of the small tasks as well and never be complacent.”

Supplying Staff, Supporting the Future

As a private, relatively large company, Arora’s singular focus is on providing high quality medical professionals to its clients. Arora health professionals work in facilities owned by the DoD and it is Arora’s responsibility to recruit and credential them. Recruitment is therefore always a priority. “From our perspective, as private contractors, some locations are remote and not attractive, but we still have to fill those positions, so it is essential to find the right staff for these jobs.” Arora employs and provides a host of health care professionals, from physicians and nurses to social workers and pharmacists. “Everyone you see in a hospital or clinical setting, those are the professionals we provide.”

Being a contractor, Arora must always stay at peak performance in order to win contracts. “If out of 100 service contracts, 99 are executed very well but the one that receives a low rating can affect company’s future. Past performance is the gold standard with government contracts.” Arora seems to be meeting this challenge having been awarded the Certificate of Distinction for Health Care Services from the Joint Commission and twice receiving the U.S. Small Business Award for Excellence.  To help stay relevant to its clients, Arora created a corporate advisory board consisting of 5 members with 30 to 40 years of experience; most of the board members have retired from the military healthcare at the highest level.

But Arora isn’t just concerned with growth and success. They are dedicated to their role in providing critical services to the US military and also helping other businesses succeed and grow. “We have invested in mentoring three small disadvantaged businesses. To some that might seem like we are creating our future competition, but we believe that from those to whom much is given, much shall be required. This is our way of giving back to the community.”

-by Jacqueline Rupp

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Paul Connor May 24, 2011 at 12:13 pm

I represent a 90 bed acute care community hospital, Eastern Long Island Hospital, on the North Fork of Long Island. I am interested in the potential for ELIH to contract with the millitary for acute behavioral services. ELIH operates a 23 bed acute psychiatric unit and an addiction serices continum consisting of a 10 bed acute detox, a 20 bed sub-acute alcohol and drug rehab unit and an large outpatient addiction program.
Pls put me in contact with the Aorora Group


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