UPMC employees give company, CEO a flunking grade

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University of Pittsburgh Medical Center CEO Jeffrey Romoff makes a very, very nice income, more than $5 million during the last fiscal year in fact. Hell, maybe that’s reasonable, given that UPMC generated a staggering $8 billion last year, and manages not only properties in Pennsylvania but across Europe.

Still, I’ve gotta say, he and his administration don’t seem very popular.

Romoff scored a dismal 26 percent approval rating  on Glassdoor.com, a site offering a look inside companies by offering comments from insiders. (One employee’s take: “Jeffrey Romoff leads by fear and intimidation and that culture flows down throughout the organization.”)  UPMC itself got a 2.6 out of 5 rating as a place to work.

If the reviews on Glassdoor are any indication, UPMC is a hidebound, rigid, domineering employeer that doesn’t do much to make people feel wanted:

“Zero recognition. Overall not a good place to work. Very little reason to feel proud or satisfied – Just a paycheck.”

“Pittsburgh leadership is still in the 20th century in how to manage organizations. They still have old men’s clubs and believe in the old boy network.”

“The organization is old-school conservative, rife with nepotism, and ruled from a position of paranoia using fear, intimidation, and secrecy. It is not proactive, only reactive.”

“Nepotism throughout the organization. There is a lot of people who really shouldn’t be in the positions they are in.”“A very arrogant company that thinks they are bigger and badder than anybody else. No real understanding of business and social responsibility.”

“Be fair and stop being a big bully to employees, the community and the city.”

I’m sorry to say, for UPMC’s sake, that these are among 26 similar complaints.  Somehow, I don’t think this a big lashout by one disgruntled employee, do you?

P.S. And while we’re dishing on the subject of management short-sightedness and nepotism, check out this scathing entry in the Health Care Renewal blog, which notes that the center paid out millions to members of Romoff’s own family during fiscal ’09.

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lisa cerchiaro April 9, 2011 at 12:20 pm

angry is to put it mildly health care reform what about the people who have health care insurance and cant get the help they need yes i have upmc thats why i wanted to see who the ceo is and find out what a wonderful life he has and if anyone related to him or who is close with him ever has a problem getting the help they need medically tell my kids why their mom cant get the help i need health insurance really seems to control all of our health we worry about terrorist what about the companies who care only of themselves arent they the real terrorists!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i dont have an e mail but in order to send this i need one. so heres one


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