30 percent premium increases? I think not, sirs

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I have struggled long and hard with my sense of propriety, but as times change, women must change, and so I say to you, captains of health insurance concerns:  Have you no shame?

Of course, as more than a century has passed since I began my labors in the service of the public health, paying for medical care that is needful will change.  But tell me, will the cost of doing so ever risen more than a third over a single previous year?

According to a reputable journal of financial matters, when parents undertake to provide coverage for their progeny, it will add only one percent to most employers cost of providing guaranteed care for employees.

My feminine sense tells me that other hotly-discussed rules– such as limits on how much these health insurance concerns will pay out for a lifetime — could hardly result in dreadful pain.

But in contravention of all common sense — and I would hold, decency — these insurance enterprises are setting their sites on price increases of 30 percent or more, citing new “health reform” rules.  They say that our Congress, in its wisdom, has imposed an intolerable burden by forbidding limits on how much care they must provide through their lives or in a year.

But even given these extra costs, which may at times be dear, do you detect the offensive posturing of a concern willing to subject wretched patients to sickness and painful death  to protect their profits?  So it seems to me.

Now, let us see if the men who must grant permission for their depredations remain men, or allow health insurance companies to deprive them of their natural birthright as leaders.  We remain hopeful of the former.

Yours ever,


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