Methodist Le Bonheur Germantown Hospital: William Kenley, CEO

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Methodist Le Bonheur Germantown Hospital is one of seven hospitals of the Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare System, making it part of one of the largest hospitals (all Methodist hospitals are licensed as one) in the country. The hospital started as a community hospital and has grown to become a comprehensive full-service tertiary care hospital in Shelby County Tennessee and the surrounding area. It serves a population of approximately half a million.

The hospital is in the midst of completing a significant expansion project that will add 100 beds, bringing the licensed bed complement to 309. In February of 2010, the Women and Children’s Pavilion, a freestanding facility connected to the main hospital via a tunnel, came online. “It provides all the positive attributes of a specifically focused facility and all of the efficiency and safety of being a tertiary care campus,” says William Kenley, CEO.

The hospital is now working to renovate 100,000 square feet of the main campus. Some aspects new to the hospital include a 16-bed intensive care unit, two medical/surgical floors, and the expansion of the cardiac cath capabilities with a third lab being added. “We are also adding a new main entrance to the facility which will aid in patients being able to find their way into the facility. We have a great deal going on right now,” Kenley says.

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